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Kevin Lee was born and raised in Hong Kong. After training in plastic art in Fine Art School of Besancon, France, he decided to pursue photography.

On his return to Hong Kong in the 80s, he started freelancing for magazines including Newsweek and Business Week.

Kevin lived in Canada for most of the 90's. One of his projects was documenting the aging Indian natives of the Indian Reserve of Mount Currie in British Columbia, Canada.

In 2000, Kevin decided that China is the place to further develop his career. He arrived in Beijing and started shooting for major wire services. The following year, he began shooting for Newsmakers, subsequently known as Getty Images News Service.

Besides working for corporate assignments, Kevin likes classified himself as a "street photographer".

"I love taking pictures. I enjoy my work. I feel very lucky to be a photographer."

Kevin's client includes Microsoft, WalMart, KPMG, GE, Chicage Tribune, ITT, Exxon Mobile, Bechtel, National Starch, Information Week, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg News.

Kevin is currently based in Hong Kong.